The world is too large to just sit idly in one corner of it. Wanderlust is like a campfire; poke it with a stick and it will burn stronger. I think the first time my wanderlust was poked was when I went to the Czech Republic and Slovakia right after the Velvet Revolution. I went with my mother, who immigrated to the United States from former Czechoslovakia in the late 1950s, to visit our family. The people were welcoming, the food was fresh, and at the time there was a major lack of indoor plumbing. I was six years old and this was my first experience with culture shock. After that there were a few trips to Canada, followed by some trips to Mexico, then a trip to Thailand which not only poked the fire, but down right doused it in gasoline! That trip led to my eventual return to Thailand 3 years later, where I lived for 6 months. Additional countries who have graced my passport with their stamps are Japan, China, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Dominican Republic. I cannot wait to visit more countries, experience more cultures and add to my journal of adventures.

I am set ablaze with wanderlust and cannot wait to see where the roads lead me next!

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